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Úvod »Kuchynské potreby» Krájacia doska 36 x 25 cm


Krájacia doska 36 x 25 cm

Farba žltá,zelená,oranžová


Číslo produktu: 068
bežná cena 11,00 €
naša cena bez DPH : 6,67 €
naša cena s DPH (20 %):
8,00 €

do košíka:

Krájacia doska z Microban ochranou, ktorá zabraňuje rastu baktérii, zápachu a fľakom. Microban ochrana je stále aktívna a preto udržuje dosku hygienicky čistú. Možnosť umývania v umývačke riadu.


imgWjFtRhj4 [188.143.234.*]

img23.05.2015 04:07


I love the Blog Girl! and thanx for this chance to win a bauftiuel dress.Okay this is a almost multi-purpose dress could be casual or up-fit at the same time however it dolce and gabanna =) so a in betweeen look wouldgo lovely with the bauftiuel look. I Think a bold solid pump/heel to bring out this dress will do wonders RED would bring this dress out awesome, a bauftiuel dazzling red hand-held clutch with a few sparkels the color of the dress nude on it. I'd say a different belt than the display picture, a bit thicker to divide the line your belly and lower halfand ensinuate the waist more. Also with this dress it requires a bauftiuel unique up-do with a hump in the style almost but not to high to bring out the alignment and posture in the neck and reveal how well the shoudlers are with this dress.Accersseries and jewlery would have to be very light with little to none a bauftiuel dazzling neckalce to match the nude dress no more red is needed in this case you already have the heels and the clutch, for the arms a watch defintely ! a bauftiuel thinned lace watch would work well to bring the whole look of the dress together and there you have it!!Btw, Im Auna. and found you on love the style! keepitup.

imgasea5zrwtc [46.161.9.*]

img09.07.2016 06:00

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imgb4XRn1bABUh [186.93.1.*]

img08.05.2015 08:40


I absolutely love gold ouftits, but I think they can go very, very wrong if overdone. This is why whenever I wear gold ouftits, I try to stick to one colour scheme and keep the shoes and accessories simple! Gold is such a rich, beautiful tone, and overwhelming it is the last thing I want. I would style this gorgeous D G dress with nude/skin-toned, close-toed pumps, to keep with the same colour range as the gold. As much as I am a shoe fiend, I don't think they should be the focal point of this outfit.To cinch the waist and add more shape, I would use a thin, nude belt. I would avoid any sort of coloured, metallic, or obvious buckle again keeping it simple. The jewelry is where I'd add the pop of colour. I'm picturing a turquoise tear-drop pendant that skims just below the colar bones. With a gold chain, of course. I cannot bring myself to put silver and gold together *shudder*. No bangles this time, but I'd wear my usual gold rings. Talking specifics, a gold knuckle ring and simpler gold band on one hand, and a large turquoise stone centre ring on the other, to match the necklace. My look is ALMOST pulled together, I swear! I would keep a nude lip with a bit of gloss, peach cheeks, and simple eye makeup a neutral-toned palette and a coat of mascara. I'm very proud of my long, thick Asian hair, so I would wear it down with large, natural-looking waves. My long dark hair is another reason why I would want to keep it simple with accessories! There's already a large contrast between the black of my hair, and the rich gold colour of the dress. I follow you on Fashionista Talk (and Chictopia, if that counts). - Kathy

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img16.07.2016 09:27

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